Steve Swearengen,

Principal Founder and Senior Architect

Steve has been engaged in architectural practice in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1991. He specializes in projects which help people improve their living and working spaces throughout Northern California.

Steve approaches each project with sensitivity to his client’s desires and requirements for space, budget and schedule. He couples those with understanding and knowledge of existing conditions, setting, local building practices, green architecture, technical issues, regulatory requirements, and good communication. Clients appreciate the results, which consistently achieve beautiful design that meets needs, on budget and on time.

Prior to opening The Architects Office, Steve was Director of Design for More Than a Carpenter, Project Manager with BSA Architects, Associate Architect at Ratcliff, and a Building Site Superintendent with Harbor Homes. He has a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from the University of Washington.

Marco Hyman-Romero,

LEED Green Associate

Marco is interested in the stories that buildings tell. Born and raised near South Lake Tahoe, he moved to the Bay Area to get a B.A. in Architecture from UC Berkeley. His favorite part of working in Architecture is contributing to the next chapter of a building’s story. He helps our team by leading the documentation of existing conditions, which reveals details of how buildings have changed or remained the same for periods of time. From there he helps through design development to document what the building will tell next.

His experience working for studio artists and photographers lends to making this process run smoothly. Very similarly, these artists are in it to tell their stories and it’s the technical craft of producing the final product that creates a work of art.

He has lived in the Bay Area for almost a decade now with his husband and two cats. His favorite meal for dinner is “Breakfast for Dinner.” He is excited to be apart of the process in writing your building’s story.

Samantha Andresky,

Business Manager

Samantha was raised in a suburb of Chicago and has been living in California for 7+ years with her family.  She has been involved with the field of architecture for a short time, but has been managing projects and developing systems for quite some time. Living near Chicago gave Samantha a fond love for architecture from a very young age, especially the love for Gothic architecture. Outside of work, she enjoy cooking french cuisine, perfecting Gluten Free baking, and food preserving.

Kasey Kozitza,

Emerging Architectural Professional

Kasey grew up in a construction zone, surrounded by contractors, interior designers and incorrigible DIYers. She also has an interest in sociology and history. Her personal experience and passions, mixed with her professional path, came together in architecture, where she’s now able to create, visualize and draw for real people and real spaces.

Kasey and her fiancé Ian love to hike, watch movies, play games and snuggle with their cat Pippin. Kasey loves to find architectural inspiration in their travels and hopes to see more in the future. Her goals are to keep learning and eventually become a licensed Architect.

Daniel Swain,

Senior Architect

Daniel is an architect with a unique history as a carpenter, furniture maker and home builder prior to becoming an architect. A California native and living in Oakland since 1995, Daniel brings hands on practicality to design and building. In addition, Daniel has been the architect and engineer for several large public art projects.  Want to know which ones? Just ask, he is more than happy to talk about them.

Daniel graduated California Polytechnic University San Luis Obisbo in 1995 and has held a license for architecture in the State of California since 2001.  He has worked in a variety of firms including The CoHousing Company in Berkeley and Ratcliff Architects in Emeryville. Daniel has had his own firm since 2004 and now is working at The Architects Office as a Senior Project Architect.

Jack Mullison,

Entry Level Emerging Professional

Jack is a native of the mile high city - Denver, Colorado - though his extended family hails from San Francisco; the broader Bay Area has always been a home away from home. The drive towards architecture grew its roots in high school, where Jack began to fully understand the potential of design to mitigate the effects of our current climate challenges. Throughout their formal education, the Gothic’s romantic exploration of structural excellence in tandem with the more refined and immortal sensibilities of Modernism challenged Jack's understanding of the potential of our world. He seeks to understand cities and their cultures through the vehicles of bicycling and photography, as well as in the kitchen, where it is a constant challenge to make that perfect green chili.

Jared Henson,

Entry Level Emerging Professional

Jared grew up just south of Atlanta, GA and moved to California in July of 2019. He studied Music Technology and Industrial Design at Georgia Tech and has extensive experience with CAD systems and team design projects. Initially attracted to architecture by the disparate styles of Atlanta neighborhoods, Jared is currently inspired by mid-century modern and art deco designs. While not at work, he makes wine, cooks curry, and cares for his small lizard, Bean.